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Body: 350

Hráno: 201868
Kategorie: 3D Animace Asiatky Brunetky Dobrodružné Erotické hry Hry Hry pro dospělé Japonské Kriminálky Sexy holky Velká prsa

Popis: This is first part or prologue about a member of a private police Mai Saotome. She applies for a job which is to protect a son of a millionaire. Together with her partner, Takayama, they start to a research about his father's giant company called Dibero. At the end of this part you'll get a password for a second part of this game.

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  • Aktuální hodnocení 3.97/5
  • Aktuální hodnocení 3.97/5
  • Aktuální hodnocení 3.97/5